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Oakland Church Membership Classes

There is more to belonging to a church than showing up on Sunday. Joining a church is becoming a part of the body of Christ. It involves committment and dedication, and it takes learning and practice. The more you learn about God and his Word, the more God will be able to use you. Here at Oakland, we offer a progression of membership classes for every step in your growth. Descriptions are lised below.

Class #101-Exploring Oakland Membership - No Cost

Class #201-Developing Spiritual Maurity   
Class #301-Discovering My Ministry     
Class #401-Becoming A Contagious Christian   
Class #501-Growing As A Servant Leader     


Class #101 - Exploring Oakland Membership  

Taught by the pastors, this class is a basic introduction to our Oakland Church family. It is designed to clearly explain who and what our church is about, where we’ve been, and where we hear God calling us to go. It is an opportunity to build relationships with others and explore the commitment of church membership. You’ll have the opportunity to become a member of the church at the end of the class.

 To register,   Next class - coming soon

Instructors: Kent Tice, JoAnne Alexander

Class #201 - Developing Spiritual Maturity  

Christians need to develop in order to grow to spiritual maturity. This class will equip you with the skills you need to begin these habits and explains the tools you need to continue them.

To register, click here. Next Class - coming soon

Instructors: The Pastors, Jack Zaleski, Wayan Rata.

Cost: $10


Class #301 - Discovering My Ministry

In this class you will begin to identify your spiritual gifts, your temperament and talents, and discover how to fulfill God’s purpose for you. You will have the opportunity to match your talents and gifts with specific ministries and learn more about the many different ministries at Oakland in which you can get involved.

To register, click here. (Next Class Date TBD)

Instructors: Pastors JoAnne Alexander /Kent Tice

Cost: $15

Class #401 - Becoming a Contagious Christian

This class focuses on outreach to others who have yet to come to faith in Christ. Learn the many different faith-sharing methods described in the Bible and discover how God has gifted you to help others grow toward Christ.

To register, click here. (Next Class Date TBD)

Instructor: Pastors JoAnne Alexander/ Kent Tice

Cost: $15 

Class #501 - Growing As A Servant Leader

The purpose of this class is to prepare individuals to take on the responsibilities of leadership through spiritual growth, skill development, a servant attitude, and a working knowledge of Oakland's structure, policies, and procedures.

To register, click here. (Next Class Date TBD)

Instructors: The Pastors, Jack Zaleski, other Staff

Cost: $15

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Ratio Christi embraces its fifth year at Shepherd University!

Ratio Christi at Shepherd University has just started its fifth year! Some of our former members of the group have met and planned and created new resources to help those having conversations regarding apologetics issues. You can view the Udemy course created by Travis Metz and Chris Korcsmaros here:

An exciting new development is that I (Joshua Alexander) have been asked to be Chapter Director for a new chapter of Ratio Christi at American Public University System (online) in Charles Town where I work. We now have 23 students who have joined us in the online campus (“The Quad”). With over 100,000 students at APUS, we view this as just the first-fruits of what we hope will be a much greater harvest!

Would you like to help? There are several ways you can be of assistance to me and to Ratio Christi at Shepherd! The first way is by giving. We are hoping to host another big event open to the entire campus like we did our first year when well-known author and scholar, Dr. Craig Hazen from Biola University in California gave an entertaining and insightful presentation on the Shepherd campus. Such outreach events cost between three and four thousand dollars to produce, and require generous donations from interested benefactors. If you or someone you know would be interested in financially supporting Ratio Christi ministry at either Shepherd University or American Public University System, send me an email using the link below!
The second way you can help is by praying for us. Pray that we are successful in attracting more students to our meetings, and pray that lives will be reached with the Good News of Jesus! Also, pray for God's direction and blessing on this endeavor, that students will be thirsty to know the scriptures and the power of God! We know that there are students that want solid answers to their questions about faith, so pray that God will guide them to us.

And that leads to the third way. If you know students at either Shepherd University or American Public University System, please tell them about Ratio Christi and send them our way!
  The eventual goal of Ratio Christi at Shepherd University is to be an apologetics resource to the community at large.  Like our Facebook pages, and  to receive updates about our activities!


Joshua Alexander
Chapter Director
Ratio Christi at Shepherd University and American Public University System



Adult Education
Our Sunday school classes are held from 10-11 am between the two Worship celebrations (8:45 am & 11:15 am). The fall quarter, October-Decemeber, 2016, there are two options to choose from for adult classes.

Winter Quarter Adult Classes - Jan-March

In the Sanctuary: "The Truth Project" - The Truth Project small group curriculum taught by Dr. Del Tackett. This study is the starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective. Each lesson discusses in great detail the relevance and importance of living the Christian worldview in daily life.

In the "Kincaid" room: The "Senior Adult" class will occupy this space for the fall quarter, using Bible study materials from publisher David C. Cook.

In the Foyer: No class is scheduled for the fall in the foyer.













Adult Community Ed. Classes



Additional Sunday School Classes for Children & Youth, toddler through Sr. High.





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Small Group Bible Study



Study/ Small Groups

There's almost no better way to combine fellowship with other believers and growing in God than to join a small group Bible study.

A small group Bible study is just what it says it is; a small group of people meeting together to study God's Word. You automatically have something in common with everyone in the group even if you've never really had a chance to talk to them before. You're all there with one goal; to learn more about the God you love and serve and learn what His Word says about how you should live. Who knows, you may even make a new friend or two by the time the study is over.

Another benefit of becoming part of a small group Bible study is that your walk with the Lord will be strengthened. As you meet with your group each week and as you do your "homework" you'll begin to sense God's presence in your life more and more. Joining a small group Bible study is a great way to build a healthy relationship with God and will only strengthen the relationship you already have with Him.

Available Groups for this fall are listed to the right.

Contenders - Sr. High Youth
Thursdays, 6:30 pm
at the home of Amanda & Elijah Tice

Disciple 1 - overview of the whole Bible
Thursdays, 7 pm
at the church
led by Troy Miller
starting Sept. 24 through June, 2016

Disciple 2 - a closer look at Genesis/Exodus & Luke/Acts
Mondays, 7 pm
at the church
led by the Pastors
starting Sept. 14 through June, 2016

Screwtape Letters - book by C.S. Lewis exposing Satan’s tactics
Fridays, 1 pm
at the church
led by Debby McCoy
starting Sept. 25

The Faith - What Christians believe and why it matters
Fridays, 9 am
at the church
led by Terri Zaleski
starting Sept. 18

Fight: Winning The Battles That Matter Most - the life of Samson
Wednesdays, 7 pm
at the church
led by Paul Hester
starting Sept. 30 through June, 2016

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Learning and growing are very important goals of membership at Oakland.  One of the opportunities we provide to help our members grow spiritually is through live simulcast and other seminars on a variety of topics from marriage enrichment to Christian apologetics to the daily practice of our faith.  Upcoming seminars will be advertised here and on our home page.  Check back often for the next chance to grow.






Follow-Up Visit by Jeanne Rhodes

Coming Soon

Healthy Lifestyles Seminar A Big Success


 Over 50 folks with an interest in health issues attended the first stimulating presentation in February, 2014 by health expert, Jeanne Rhodes. Jeanne has returned twice more, again with an appreciative crowds eager to learn about important new research regarding our health. Enthusiasm for the events was suffficient to plan for follow-up visits and Jeanne has agreed to come back again for another facinating look at how to acheive a healthy lifestyle.




Admission Is Free

Open To The Public

Improving Your Family’s Health Care:
A Wellness Seminar

with Jeanne Rhodes BA, MA  Nutritionist and Wellness Lifestyle Strategist for over 30 years.  She is the owner of Rhodes Preventive Health Institute in Hagerstown Maryland, and author of the book Fat to Fit without Dieting.

  "Jeanne Rhodes is one of the nation's leading scholars on weight loss and metabolism". -- New Body magazine



Generally held every two years, the Women's Retreat and the Men's Advance provide a setting, structure and atmosphere for accelerated spiritual growth unlike any other. Participants return from these events with renewed trust, hope and enthusiasm and with a profound sense that we are not alone but that we are "in this thing together." The next set of weekend events will probably be held in early 2017.




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