Oakland Christian School strives to draw children closer to Christ so that they too can become disciples. We intend to provide a safe, loving fun atmosphere where your child can grow as an individual. Our teachers will focus on the whole child as we gently encourage spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical growth.

For more information about Oakland Christian Preschool and how to register for the upcoming year,

email oklndpreskool@gmail.com, or contact the Director, Allison Moylan, directly at 304-707-4868.



(Open to potty-trained 3-5 year olds)

Oakland's Preschool program runs September through May

5-day Monday-Friday

3-day Mon., Wed., Fri.

2-day Tuesday, Thursday

9:00 – 11:45 am


    2 day (age 3)
    3 day (age 3)
    5 day/ PreK (ages 4&5)


Tuition due by the 1st of the month*


  2 day - $150 monthly

  3 day - $195 monthly

 Pre-Kindergarten - $280 monthly


*A $25 late fee may be applied to any tuition paid after the 1st of the month unless prior arrangements have been made.


Make checks payable to Oakland Church. Non-refundable supply fees ($50 for Pre-school, $75 for Pre-kindergarten,) plus a deposit equal to one month’s tuition are collected at time of enrollment & guarantee placement in Oakland Christian Preschool.

Meet our Teachers 


Allison Moylan--Allison was recently named our Preschool Director, having been with the preschool for over 5 years. She has a BS in Psychology from George Mason University. Allison is married and has two children. Her family is active in various church and athletic activities.


Laurie McDougall--Laurie has been teaching in one of our 4- year-old preschool classes for over 10 years. She is a Certified Child Development Specialist.   She has 5 children and enjoys reading and sports, especially football.


Vici Lawall--Vici has been with the preschool over 3 years and is teaching one of our 4-year-old classes.  Vici has 4 children and enjoys outdoor activities and chocolate.

Melissa Carter-- Melissa, who used to teach Specials, is now our new teacher for the 3-year-old class.  Melissa is married with 3 children.  She holds an AAS in Health Science.  Her hobbies include sewing, working on crafts and spending time with her family. We are excited to have her in this new role.



Special Events


We hold several special events during the school year including:

 Christ-centered Holiday parties

 Christmas Program

 Visits to:
           The Pumpkin Patch     

 Mothers Day Tea

 Dads Day Celebration

 Beach Party

   Visits from:

           Tim’s Gems

           Fire Dept.


 End of Year Picnic




          Daily Schedule


Free Play

Circle Time (Pledge, weather, prayer, sharing)

Daily Lesson Activity


Snack (school provided)


Craft/Fine Motor

Outside/Gross Motor


Weekly Show & Tell

 (Schedules may vary according to activities.)

 *Daily Specials include: Art/Crafts, PE, Music, Bible, SignLanguage


Advantages of

   Oakland Preschool

 -          Smaller class sizes

-          More individualized education

-          Christian values emphasized

-          Phonics-based reading program

-          Literature exposure through:

-          Listening to stories

-          Creating booklets

-          Weekly themes incorporated throughout daily activities

-          Hands-on learning emphasis

-          Child-centered educational methods for visual, auditory & kinetic learning experiences

-          Academic Tablework

-          Christian Bible study